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Meet Monica Ferguson

Monica Ferguson is a Mindset Coach, a Photographer, and a Podcast Host. Her business was created as a way of dealing with her grief. After losing her little brother, Fergus, she suddenly became aware of the importance of photographs, and as such decided she was going to get everyone into them so there would be a legacy for their loved ones one day! Of course, it didn’t take long to realize how much most people loathe being photographed and so she learned how to empower people, build their self-worth, and draw out their most beautiful qualities so that they could see them. Game changer.

She soon realized she was on earth to turn on peoples’ self-worth, their self-belief and to reflect back to them their power, amazing-ness & potential (as well as everything in the way of them reaching their goals) so that they could crush their dreams, impact the world and live their most exciting, passionate & abundant lives.  

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