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Meet Mandy Capehart

Mandy Capehart is an author, certified grief and life coach, and founder of The Restorative Grief Project- an online coaching community focusing on one another‘s stories and new methodologies for grief, creating a safe environment for our souls to heal and our spirits to be revived. She co-hosts The Uncomfortable Grace Podcast, as well as leads Women‘s Fight Night, a nondenominational community of Christian women sharing stories of their faith and growth. Mandy currently lives in Southern Oregon with her husband, daughter, and Border collie rescue dog. She loves celebrating local winemakers and spending as much time outdoors as possible— with all the sunblock, of course. 

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Also check out her new book, available now: Restorative Grief

How to Regain Control of Grief by Mandy Capehart (eBook)

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