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Meet Jenny Lisk

Jenny Lisk is an author, speaker, and host of the Widowed Parent Podcast- a much needed resource to help widowed parents feel less lost and alone- which has been featured in The Washington Post and ParentMap. On her Hundred Dreams list is riding a camel, milking a cow, and raising $44,000 for brain cancer research, in honor of her husband’s 44 years of life. The author of Future Widow: Losing My Husband, Saving My Family, and Finding My Voice, Jenny lives in Redmond, Washington, with her two teenagers. She is passionate about helping widowed parents increase their family’s well-being.  

In her book, Future Widow, Jenny draws on her personal and professional experience to provide a real-life guide for surviving and thriving while raising grieving children. Aside from the FREE gift she is offering 15% off the eBook version using this coupon code: MM-SUMMIT

What I've Learned About Widowed Parenting

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